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Advanced Air & Heating specializes in the design, installation, and replacement of cooling and heating systems exclusively in Santa Barbara County. If you’re less than comfortable, give us a call at (805) 272-0677 or click here to send us a message.

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Repair Services
Our simple goal at Advanced Air & Heating is that, until there is a cost savings in replacing an item, do whatever it takes to fix-it. It is as simple as that! We operate under the assumption (perhaps wrongly) that our clients don’t wish to spend a dollar more than is necessary to heat or cool their home or work. Perhaps it is because we feel the same way and are proud of our reputation as the “Fix It Team.

Central Heating & Air
Most homes in Santa Barbara that were originally built with central air conditioning equipment that properly heated and cooled the home may now be considering replacing their units. It is fairly straightforward and generally the least expensive method of installing air conditioning in a home. Assuming that the original equipment was correctly sized, installed, and the refrigerant lines are still in good shape and of the correct size, we then look at the size of the furnace, size of ducting, square footage of the home, existing refrigerant line sizes, and the home’s heat load to make a few calculations. The old equipment is then removed and more efficient indoor and outdoor equipment is installed in the same locations. A modern central heating/cooling unit along the mini-split systems lines, lends itself well in these situations and should be considered. Of course, this description is one in a perfect world! We quite often find little problems that need to be addressed, but again everything moves forward quickly.

Replacements & New Installations
Unlike many system installers in our area, Advanced Air & Heating does not represent a single manufacturer. Each installation presents a unique set of requirements and limitations, and not one, or even a couple of manufacturers have a product line that fills all these needs. We are then able to compare cost, warranties, energy efficiency, styling, availability, physical dimensions, performance envelopes, noise levels, availability of replacement parts, power requirements, etc. to come up with 2-3 systems which we then present to you. We may be the experts… but in the end, the choice is yours.

With the introduction of Ductless Split Systems to the U.S. Market, our focus of late has been increasingly shifting back to the residential market, especially with all the training these new systems require. We’ve worked hard to become the BEST informed installation team in our area. These systems open the opportunity to both heat and cool areas that were previously impossible or not cost effective.

From tiny wine closets or server rooms to whole hospital wings, we have the skills and personnel to get the job done, and done right, on time and on budget.

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Advanced Air & Heating specializes in the design, installation, and replacement of cooling and heating systems exclusively in Santa Barbara County. If you’re less than comfortable, give us a call at (805) 272-0677 or click here to send us a message.

Ductless Systems (Mini Splits)
Unlike traditional central heating and air conditioning systems, most ductless systems cool and heat ONLY the areas that need it. Single central heating and cooling units exist as well, but are less common. In traditional systems of only a few years ago, if your bedroom was cold, at say 6am, your furnace would kick on, but you would pay to heat the whole house. Worse yet, a thermostat isn’t typically located in your bedroom, rather a hallway or living room, so your furnace would run until THAT area was warm, ignoring your bedroom altogether. In the afternoon sun, your exterior rooms would start to heat up and would continue to overheat until your centrally-located thermostat sensed the rise, kicked on the air conditioning system, and cool the whole house; not just the areas that needed it.

It is the same for commercial spaces, although more expensive systems tried to “Zone” areas with limited success because the furnace or air conditioner only knew 2 settings; Full On or Full Off. Starting and stopping large systems causes excessive wear on the components and uses large amounts of energy.

You may have noticed there are two different systems working here. A furnace for heat and an air conditioner for cooling. Almost all Ductless Systems are Heat Pumps with an Air Conditioning System that both heats and cools by simply reversing the direction the refrigerant flows through the system. Instead of creating heat, it simply moves heat and cold around using a gas. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Already, the cost savings of a Ductless System are obvious. It gets better… a lot better!

First off, Ductless Systems aren’t new. They have been used around the world in vast numbers for more than 20 years! They’ve been used in huge numbers in the Eastern United States for more than 10 years. It’s only here, on the west coast, that they are relatively new. Availability, training, and replacement parts were problematic until about five years ago. Only until recently have suppliers been able to keep up with demand.

Ductless Systems, as well as some high-end central systems, use “Inverter” technology. Apart from changing A/C power to D/C power is that they are now computer-controlled “Variable Speed” units. Your automobile uses the same type of system, not just new cars, but all cars for the last 100 years. YOU are the computer and your accelerator and brake pedal provide the variable speed. When the stop light turns green, you gently depress the accelerator, giving the engine only enough fuel to bring the car up to speed. If you need to go faster or reach a certain speed quicker, like getting onto the freeway, you depress the pedal more. When it’s time to stop, you gently depress the brake pedal. If you need to stop a little faster, you push a little harder. You have the ability to slam the accelerator or brake pedal all the way to the floor if you absolutely need to, but for the sake of fuel efficiency, you don’t! While old cooling and heating systems used this “All or Nothing” method, modern Ductless Systems use computer technology to efficiently bring the zone up or down to temperature, then gently “idle” to maintain that temperature. They still heat and cool a space just as quickly as the old systems, but for a lot less money!

And the best advantage of all…No More Noise!
For many people, the biggest problem associated with air conditioning was the noisy outdoor units. Not anymore. Not only are outdoor Ductless Systems units small (up to 1/3 the size of traditional units and can mount directly to an outside wall if ground space is an issue), they are quiet. Very Quiet. Let’s explain.

Remember how we explained that these systems efficiently heat and cool only the areas that need? This means they work using a lot less energy than the old Full On/Full Off method units use. This means they almost never, and we do mean never, run at full speed. The components can be a lot smaller, do the job they were designed to do, and still last as long as central systems! What’s more amazing is that they are so efficient, that at times, they can run without the use of the external fan! The days of your neighbors knowing your A/C was on is gone for good.

The major manufacturers of QUALITY Ductless Systems in our area are Daiken, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi & Friedrich. There are other quality brands out there as well, but their lack of availability in our area limits their use. Unfortunately, there is also an abundance of terrible units as well. Luckily, these are generally available only through the internet; as no HVAC distributors will touch them. We have included links to these four manufacturers, in no particular order, and we invite you to visit their sites. They provide much more detailed information on what Ductless Systems are and how they work than we have here. Unfortunately, each claims the superiority of their products over the competition. Please don’t be taken in; each has their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to us to find what will work best for you!

All electric homes, additions, garage conversions, or areas that have never cooled or heated sufficiently have finally met their match. These systems open the opportunity to both heat and cool areas that were previously impossible to get air ducting, were just not cost effective, and had an unheard of initial cost point 5 or 10 years ago. Ductless Systems save up to 66% of the energy compared to traditional systems.