Advanced Heating & Plumbing Review by James P.


Rich and his crew are miracle workers! After my previous contractor abandoned my ductless mini split system and left me with a huge mess to deal with I was completely panicked. After calling several local HVAC installers who “didn’t deal with ductless systems” I finally came across Advanced Air and Heating. Rich listened to my predicament and scheduled to meet me the very next day to see first-hand what I was dealing with. He assured me that his company was the absolute best when it came to installing ductless systems and that he could definitely help me.

My worst fears were realized when he arrived the next morning and took his time to show me how everything that had been done by the previous contractor was done wrong, and that I had obviously been the victim of a shady contractor. Rich told me straight up that it wasn’t going to be cheap but he would do the job for time and materials and that it would be done with absolute precision. Sure enough, him and his crew showed up on time every morning and they worked their butts off to get the install done and done right. And to top it off he even wrote up a letter that I could use when I take the previous contractor to small claims court.

I’m forever grateful for his sympathy, his and his crew’s hard work, and my outstanding new HVAC system. If you are looking for someone to install a ductless mini split system, don’t even hesitate to call them. I can assure you that you will get what you pay for and you will rave about them just like I am.

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