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Customer’s Testimonials

Advanced Air & Heating of Santa Barbara

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It's A miracle! I never thought there was a solution for our office spaces. Someone was always too hot, too cold, getting blown on or complaining of the noise from our multiple window units. Well done.

This is perfect! Our patient rooms where always too cold and the waiting room too hot. Adding a small system to the reception area allows us to warm up the patient rooms and cool up front. Great idea guys and the installation looks nice. You were also correct when you said this would be nearly silent. We cant hear it running from the front desk.

I just love the system Guys! Having the ability to only cool the downstairs area is perfect. My leg is still giving me issues, so I avoid climbing the stairs if at all possible and sleep in the downstairs room now. The system is so quite. I can sit at my desk, which is by the patio door with the out door unit only feet away, and not even hear it running. I've been monitoring my electric bill over the last few months to determine the actual costs of running the unit and am stymied. I can't really see any difference. I've had months where the electric bill was slightly higher than last year as well as lower than last year. At any rate it is as cheap to run as you told me.

I can't believe I used to suffer through the summer heat. I can't imagine not having AC any more. It was cold the other morning so I turned the bedroom unit on in heating. Wow! These little guys heat just as well as they cool. Good job.

We should have done this 3 summer's ago! Don is having fun showing the system off to all his cronies. We should be your sales team! Don checked the filters this weekend and I was all set to rinse them off in the sink but he says they are still perfectly clean.

Very nice job. The unit has been rented almost every week this summer and no one has complained about being too hot. Two couples even asked for more information on these types of systems. The portable units we had in there were too small and very loud.

We will continue to use these Ductless/Mini Split systems in our I.T./Server Rooms where ever and when ever possible. The ability to add cooling to an area that either never had cooling or an area where the head load is exceeding the existing cooling system is fantastic. No one ever intends to undersize a cooling system, but as more and more equipment is added to a room or space, at some point a tipping point is reached and thats where these systems really shine,

OK guys, you were right! The units really are nearly silent and the system size is more than sufficient to cool all three spaces! (Sorry I was such a pain, I just wanted to make sure we have a system that was large enough to do the job. The heat load math you showed us just looked like a bunch of numbers to me!) When we leave the system on it hardly runs and easily maintains the temperature. If we leave the system off and only turn it on when it gets really hot the room's get cool within 15 minutes or so. ( A little longer for the living room) I can't wait to see how it heats this winter, (If it ever cools off around here!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

I know this was probably a simple installation for you boys (except for being so high up on the second floor), but it looks and works great. Best of luck.

We cant thank you guys enough! We made it through the rain and the ice without a single hick-up. As I've stated before, I really appreciate the time you took to explain every aspect of this project as it un-folded. You guys completed a lot of work, and all without a single complaint from our staff or clients, as well as finishing the project well ahead of schedule. We were all surprised hear the words “Project completed! It's all yours now.) Thanks guys. I wish all of our projects went as smoothly.

Advanced Air & heating specializes in the design, installation, and replacement of cooling and heating systems exclusively in the Santa Barbara County. If your less than comfortable give us a call at (805) 272-0677 or click here to send us a message.